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Palkotools Sphinx 2.0 Video Monitoring Software for PC

Sphinx 2.0 is the complete private video evidence system for home use

Screenshots of the surveillance software Palkotools Sphinx 2.0

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Monitor your home or business while you are away
Sphinx 2.0 is a surveillance software, which runs on your PC and monitors IP, USB and integrated cameras. It generates alerts when movement is detected.

Send SMS notifications
Build your own home security system and get notified when alerts occur. Combine Sphinx 2.0 with the free Palkotools SMS Sender v1.2.1

Fastest video viewing possible
Watch hours of surveillance video in just a view seconds. You don’t have to watch the whole video anymore. Watch only captured video images of detected movement on screen.

Alerts are digitally signed
You can not rely on a camera security system, when it’s recorded images can be changed. Now you can trust what you see. Sphinx 2.0 is the surveillance software that detects changed, deleted or added video images by using digital signatures.

Use alerts and video images in your office applications
Copy’n’paste images or export selected alerts to CSV and HTML with images for further use in your favorite office software.

Sphinx 2.0 is free for 30 days
Home security is affordable. Only for a limited time Sphinx 2.0 is available for a sensational low price. But try before you buy. Get the full trial version now!

Download Sphinx 2.0!

Color Themes for SharePoint 2013 Preview

Get Color Themes for the SharePoint 2013 design gallery. Palkotools provides fresh color themes for the latest release of the leading intranet platform SharePoint 2013 as ready to use SharePoint solution packages.

With the latest SharePoint release, website owners can now change the webdesign of any intranet website on their own. A SharePiont administrator can deploy ready to use designs for the use in the SharePoint design gallery.

Download Color Themes for SharePoint 2013 here:

Palkotools Themes Gallery

Sample Themes


Palkotools Cool Blue Theme for SharePoint 2013 Preview


Palkotools Hot Red Theme for SharePoint 2013 Preview


Palkotools Fresh Orange Theme for SharePoint 2013 Preview

Theme Gallery: 

Palkotools Themes Gallery

Free Color Themes for SharePoint 2013

Download Color Themes for SharePoint 2013. Visit the Palkotools Theme Gallery.

Palkotools offers free professional color themes for SharePoint 2013 Preview. The color themes can be installed and applied to any SharePoint 2013 web site and can be used with every company logo and background image.

Visit the Theme Gallery:

Link: Palkotools Theme Gallery

SHA1 Signature Tool – check file signatures

Check signatures of downloaded files with this handy tool


SHA1SignatureTool computes a file’s SHA1 hash code and compares it with a known signature. It supports very large files. There is no installation required.


All Windows operating systems with .Net Framework 3.5
Tested on: XP 32-bit, Win 7 64-bit, Windows 2008 64-bit

Download here

Link: Palkotools SHA1 Signature Tool Download Site

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Datatools – Data Downloads with 3D Chart [english]

Daily updated Spreadsheet downloads
german | english

Palkotools – Data files with 3D chart.


The Palkotools Datatools are daily updated data files.


Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or higher is required to view the 3D Chart.


   Download here: Palkotools Data Files