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SMSSender v1.2.1 Freeware [english]

SMS Command Line Tool   german | english

SMSSender sends SMS messages using the command line. It splits messages, which are longer than 160 characters into multiple concatenated SMS messages and supports flash messages. Flash Messages pop up on the cell display.

Download from Softpedia

Updated Version available: SMSSender v1.2.1

Works with USB broadband modem

The main purpose of SMSSender is to send SMS messages without internet connection for use in monitoring tools. SMSSender is configured for standard GSM modems like USB Surf Sticks. It also supports sending of text files.

Command line syntax

SMSSender.exe –p:<COMPORT> -d:<NUMBER> -t[int|loc] [-flash] –msg:“message text“ [-f:“filename.txt“}


-p:<COMPORT> The COM port of the modem. You’ll find the COM port in the Windows Device ManagerExample: -d:COM4
-d:<NUMBER>-t:[int|loc] The destination number and the number type: international or localExample:  -d:0123456 –t:loc
Example: -d:+43123456 –t:int
-flash Optional: Pop up message
-msg:“message text“ The message text: „message text“
-f:“filename.txt“ Optional: Use this option instead of –msg to load a message from file. To use special characters, the text file needs to be encoded using UTF-8 or Unicode. (You can change the codepage of text files using Notepad)


See SMSSender in action

Free Download

Download your copy of SMSSender v1.2 now!

Download from Softpedia

Updated version available: SMSSender v1.2.1

By downloading and using this software you accept the end user license agreement.

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