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SHA1 Signature Tool – check file signatures

Check signatures of downloaded files with this handy tool


SHA1SignatureTool computes a file’s SHA1 hash code and compares it with a known signature. It supports very large files. There is no installation required.


All Windows operating systems with .Net Framework 3.5
Tested on: XP 32-bit, Win 7 64-bit, Windows 2008 64-bit

Download here

Link: Palkotools SHA1 Signature Tool Download Site


DiskHash v1.0 File Compare Tool [english]

2011/06/08 1 comment

DiskHash detects file system changes  german | english

Palkotools DiskHash detects file system changes by malicious software or users. It creates hashcodes of all files in a folder structure and detects new, changed and deleted files by comparing two different hashcode files.

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DiskHash v1.0 File Compare Tool [german]

2011/06/08 1 comment

DiskHash erkennt Änderungen im Dateisystem german | english

DiskHash erkennt Änderungen im Dateisystem durch bösartige Software und Anwender. Das Programm erzeugt Hashcodes aller Dateien in einer Ordnerstruktur und erkennt neue, geänderte und gelöschte Dateien durch Vergleich der Hashcodes.

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