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SHA1 Signature Tool – check file signatures

Check signatures of downloaded files with this handy tool


SHA1SignatureTool computes a file’s SHA1 hash code and compares it with a known signature. It supports very large files. There is no installation required.


All Windows operating systems with .Net Framework 3.5
Tested on: XP 32-bit, Win 7 64-bit, Windows 2008 64-bit

Download here

Link: Palkotools SHA1 Signature Tool Download Site


Updated version of SMSSender available v 1.2.1

The updated version contains a performance upgrade and solved a problem, which occured when sending large amounts of long sms text messages.

Download SMSSender for free

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SMSSender v1.2.1 Freeware [german]

2011/06/01 1 comment

SMS Command Line Tool   german | english

Das SMSSender Command Line Tool versendet SMS Nachrichten von der Befehlszeile aus. Es kann Texte, welche länger als 160 Zeichen lang sind, zu mehreren verbundenen SMS Nachrichten zusammenhängen und unterstützt Flash-Nachrichten, welche sofort am Bildschirm des Handys erscheinen.

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SMSSender v1.2.1 Freeware [english]

2011/06/01 2 comments

SMS Command Line Tool   german | english

SMSSender sends SMS messages using the command line. It splits messages, which are longer than 160 characters into multiple concatenated SMS messages and supports flash messages. Flash Messages pop up on the cell display.

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